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Re: Texas Special sleepers??? Resurrected .
« Reply #45 on: July 29, 2019, 08:06:37 PM »
           I got to see the entire Lowell Smith Trains Texas Special at the Salt Lake Show. Car that was not there but the artwork was is a shadowlined RPO Car that will be produced by MT which matches a prototype that was used sometimes on the train. The observation car will be the KATO Super Chief Vista series car which comes close to matching the prototype. Now for some pictures from out of the past. The Con Cor Texas Special Limited Edition set, Con Cor refused to replace the gold label on the box which had Wabash not Frisco listed for one of the roads. Nice souvenir insert material, Frisco/Katy never had dome cars. Photos of the train set observation car made using  Con Cor's then current Cal. Zephyr observation car body and the roof from their Great Northern observation car. It looks OK ,but not accurate, especially not the red rear obs end. Then the observation car I made from an undecorated Rivarossi car which is much closer to the prototype. Then the Lowell Smith Texas Special sleepers, not the correct car type, (not a 10 and  six car) but looks nice. Then two Con Cor Frisco cars using the Rivarossi Observation and Coach cars. There were no Texas Special Decals when I painted my observation,so I used photo copies of train set sides that I colored red with a sharpie after lightly silver painting the glued on strips. Nate Goodman (Nato).

Photo (1)

Photo (2)

Photo (3)

Photo (4)

Photo (5)

Photo (6)

Photo (7)

Photo ( 8 )

Photo (9)

Photo (10)

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