Author Topic: BLI PA Paragon 2 sound issue  (Read 843 times)

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BLI PA Paragon 2 sound issue
« on: August 01, 2018, 08:50:31 PM »
Another Paragon 2 issue.  :P

(And please don't ask me to switch to ESU's, I have too many of these, and way too many "silent types" still waiting for conversion. Yes those will be ESU's).

So I'm running my LA Limited with a BLI PA AbA set down the 3% grade through Gish at 20 mph, dynamics screaming, engines close to idle, life is good! An occasional brake squeal and horn blast add to the bliss. All is well with the world! And then, a quick little tsrrp sound, roughly equivalent to a fly hitting a bug zapper, and the lead unit goes quiet. Motor and light controls are fine, just no sound at all....

Now I'm trying to figure out whether the audio side of the board went bad, or the speaker. The speaker connections seem ok. I don't have any spare BLI speakers (they are 50 ohm, right?) to test, and trying a sugar cube just produces a low buzz.

This is one of the BLI locos to which I added about 30 grams of tungsten, including a tungsten disk over the speaker base (see pic). Could that metal piece have anything to do with the sudden sound demise? I don't want to send this unit back, but I do need either a new board, or a new speaker from BLI. Thoughts? Am I missing something here?
Otto K.