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Re: Boardman River Branch switching shelf
« Reply #165 on: April 02, 2024, 09:07:45 AM »
I have finished building all the turnouts for the Cadillac shelf and am preparing for track laying!  I have ordered a LCC system from RR-Cirkits for block detection and am planning the block boundaries so I can get droppers in all the right places.  Since I am going for automation as well as signaling I will probably end up with more blocks than usual.

I am also considering how to do isolation gaps on curves so that they don't show.  On straight track I would put in a few PCB ties and just cut a gap similar to a frog.  For the curved track I am considering a small piece of PCB below the rail to keep it in one piece, and then gap the rail and the top layer of the PCB.  It would hold the rail orientation so there isn't a kink and the fiddly bit would be piecing the ties back in since they won't be able to pass under the rail in that spot.

I've also started to repaint a Kato NW2 as TSBY 1977.

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