Author Topic: Keystone Details announces Arched Style repl. roofs for various MT Pass. Cars  (Read 2415 times)

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Well lets give it some time I just ordered a car now.

For me the MTL paired window coach looks like the overall window holes would line up perfectly for this:

When I get the car I will print out this photo to the size of the MTL car and go from there.

If you do end up doing etched sides, I would be interested in a set or two.


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Thank you for your help.

I have the Erie baggage car, but have to figure out a way to remove "American Railway Express" and find the correct MicroScale decals for "Railway Express Agency".

The new Erie decal set from Prime Mover decals has both REA and RPO lettering for Erie cars, in the mid century yellow lettering.  MS makes several sets with the REA lettering in gold (although not an Erie set per se, AFAIK), which would more or less match the gold of the MT cars.
I was surprised that MT produced their sleepers with AC roofs, but the head end cars for many roads are lettered pre-1929 (granted that many probably did not get new REA lettering for a few years, but certainly by the time any number of sleepers had AC). 
I am working on several Erie cars in two tone green, so the decals from Prime Mover are timely for yours truly. And will also be handy for anyone working on the new Stillwell kits.
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