Author Topic: Cisco Bridges: a new layout concept  (Read 91732 times)

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Re: Cisco Bridges: a new layout concept
« Reply #900 on: January 12, 2020, 05:11:15 PM »
Thanks Robert, I'll give that a try!  There are definitely some places only a cell phone can go.  I have a few nice cell tripods that are handy for placing the phone as well.  This is a favorite perspective I took with my cell a few years ago.  The scene is challenging to hide all the background elements, but I hope to revisit this with proper stacking and a simple sky board to hide the worst.

Helicon Remote has been a bit fussy with my Canon T4i.  It won't work with my 55 mm prime lens yet, but the kit zoom works well.  There is a very specific set of settings that need to be in place for it to generate the proper stack and the instructions have been a bit thin, so it is has been an experimentation process.  Helicon Focus on the other hand, is fantastic and very simple to use (and fast, even on my mediocre laptop).