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Hershey Mills MRRC
« on: April 26, 2017, 09:52:36 AM »
The Hersheys Mill Club is located in the Sullivan House that dates from several centuries ago. They meet upstairs where they have constructed an HO layout using four separate rooms.

Their theme is a 'Pennsy, Mid 50's transition theme.' The layout is built on
benchwork with the track work running between three of the rooms with the fourth room set aside for turning trains, staging and a workshop. The layout can be operated 'point-to-point' or continuous. During the open house, they were running approximately 5 different trains.

Specifics; The mainline is over 100 feet in length. Minimum radius is 18 inches,though 22 inches or larger is the norm on the main. Switches are #8 and #6 Pecos or Shinoharas with insulated frogs. Code 86 & 100 track.

There is a roundhouse facility on the layout with plenty of switching opportunities for operations. They converted to DCC about three years
ago using NCE. By complying with NMRA standards for weight and wheels, they can operate trains as long as 44 cars. They operate a variety of locomotives representing different railroads of the theme’s era. This rail-fan caught various trains representing the B&O, NYC, Reading, LV, and of course, the PRR. Equipment and rolling stock is either donated or came from various estates. There are some interesting pieces.

Each room is named for a Division; the Schuylkill, the Hershey and Goshen.

Scenery wise, one room contains the previously mentioned roundhouse as well as a good-sized town complete with streets and buildings. Another room contained small factory siding, an area where a re-enactment of the battle of the Brandywine was taking place with hundreds of painted figures of soldiers,artillery and onlookers. There were some sizable and sophisticated bridge structures, a viaduct and tunnels. The scenery is hydrocol or similar type of hardcoat over wood benchwork.

The day I was there were some electrical issues and trains were’ t running.  Will post cab view videos in the near future.