Author Topic: I recieved my "Ferdinand Magellan"  (Read 509 times)

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I recieved my "Ferdinand Magellan"
« on: February 28, 2016, 04:20:25 PM »
                           :|I received my United States Presidential car U.S. NO 1 Ferdinand Magellan from Lowell Smith Trains Executive Line. As pointed out in an earlier post last year along with some photos, this model features an all new for N Scale heavy weight business car body manufactured by Micro Trains for Lowell Smith along with a streamlined styled roof done for Lowell Smith for use on previous cars. While the window arrangement on this model is close , but no cookies to the real car preserved at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Florida, it looks quite nice. The Pullman Green paint gold lettering ,brass colored top rail on the observation platform match prototype detailing, as does the bank of loudspeakers on the rear roof end. The one big disappointment the attempt at reproducing the Presidential Seal as a round drumhead on the rear platform. It is a poor color reproduction on thick paper crudely cut out into a circular shape and glued to the end, not up to the usual fine standards found on models from Lowell Smith.     Up next in his executive line two Great Northern Business cars in the Sky Blue scheme the A 12 a modernized heavyweight car and the A 6 the second model to use the new body found on the Magellan. Nate Goodman (Nato). Salt Lake, Utah.  :|
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