Author Topic: Best Of Simple color matching process and image files of color charts attached  (Read 20170 times)

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And I did not realize it was our very own 20,000+ post-boy  :trollface: that mentioned the album organization- thought it was you for some reason.   :D

Come on, you know that I'm the resident anal-nazi!  :D
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I would really like to see the .jpg files originally attached to this post.  Will someone please ask Lemosteam to provide them again from a different location?

@PRR1950 Unfortunately the master image files have been lost and I do not have time to recreate them.

If you go to the links above (first active links is a recent find) you can use the Windows snipping tool to grab a snip for a color chart and follow the same procedure.  Paste the color(s) you want to test into one MS paint file then draw a vertical and horzontal thick white lines through the color(s). Open the image you are trying to match into MS paint.  Copy and paste the transparent whit swatches into that image an move them around till they come close to disappearing in the color you are trying to match.


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Thanks for trying to locate the originals, and thanks for the new link package.