Author Topic: AZL ACF 2-Bay Hoppers Are Here!  (Read 492 times)

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AZL ACF 2-Bay Hoppers Are Here!
« on: December 14, 2014, 09:35:51 AM »
December 2014 New Release – Part 2


American Z Line is excited to introduce an all new body style to the Z scale market. Now available is ACF 2-Bay covered hoppers. This completes the series as AZL has released ACF 3-Bay and ACF 4-Bay hoppers previously. The cars feature:

-   Photo etched brass walkways and ladders
-   Numerous add on parts
-   AZL Roller-Bearing trucks with blackened metal wheels
-   AZL AutoLatchTM couplers
-   Fine pad printing

There a large variety of road names to be offered over the coming months. Look for a set and at least two singles during each release. First up… Union Pacific ‘Fallen Flag’ cars. Each car comes with the UP shield logo, but note the parent railroad road number. Each font of the fallen flag is different! The set contains a single car for each of the parent roads. These are DRGW, MP, CNW and SP.

Union Pacific ACF 2-Bay Hoppers  - Fallen Flag Series:

913916-1 UP Fallen Flags ACF 2-Bay Set DRGW 10105, SP 490311, MP 706408, CNW 175567  - MSRP $138.00

903916-1 UP (Shield/DRGW) ACF 2-Bay Single DRGW 10018  - MSRP $39.00
903916-2 UP (Shield/SP) ACF 2-Bay Single SP 490285  - MSRP $39.00
903916-3 UP (Shield/MP) ACF 2-Bay Single MP 705533  - MSRP $39.00
903916-4 UP (Shield/CNW) ACF 2-Bay Single CNW 175512  - MSRP $39.00

Undecorated EMD SD70:

61020 Undecorated SD70 - MSRP $189.00

Note this completes the current series of SD70 locomotive releases.

33,000 Gallon LPG Tank Cars:

For mid-December we have a bonus release; Citgo Propane LPG cars. Two singles are available.

91338-1 Citgo CSOX 33,000 Gallon LPG 31084  - MSRP $41.00
91338-2 Citgo CSOX 33,000 Gallon LPG 31085  - MSRP $41.00

For more information on these and other AZL releases, please visit:

Rob Kluz
Ztrack Distribution
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