Author Topic: Issues with some posts redirecting - Latest Prototype Thursday photo thread  (Read 541 times)

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hello guys,
Recently I have noticed that some threads seem to have been hacked and when opened they spin off to other Ad Chash or very suspect web sites. A few times my AV shoftware has poped up with virus warnings.
The most recent occurance is the Thursday Proto Photo thread. It is currently spning off to other web sites once the page loads.. Looks like someone has hacked it..

Can you please advise?

I use Avast AV and have make it block all Add's on web pages.

Thanks in advance.
Brendan Dennis
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tom mann

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This would appear to be something local to your computer. 


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It may be some of the new ads showing up at the top of the threads... Most obnoxious was a Dell Enterprise Storage ad.  If you accidentally let the cursor hover over it too long it pops up a nearly full page ad that obscures everything else.  The first couple times it happened to me I didn't know what had happened and I though I'd been re-directed to another site.  I've noted a few others do it to since then.  Apparently it's a new technique to get your attention.  I don't think there is anything Tom can do about it.
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Every once in a while I get something from Amazon high jacking my back button.  Like if I'm on the railwire then click a topic when I click back nothing happens. When I look at the drop down that shows my history it says the last place I was at is some Amazon site. It's why I use the Ccleaner all the time.