Author Topic: Seeking pics/drawings of NP 2-8-2 W-5 with Elesco feedwater heaters  (Read 441 times)

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I am settling in to the exact 2-8-2 NP W-5 I want to replicate in my loco building project (in the W-5 build).
I want one of the ones with the big Elesco feedwater heater tank on the "brow" over the top of the smokebox front.

Need advice.
I *think*, but am not certain, that there were only 4 like this, numbers 1844 - 1847. 
I *think* these all survived into the 1950s.

I've got one or two photos of these, not nearly enough close shots to model from.  I've also scraped all the
photos of an O Scale brass one from on-line.  These are excellent shots and will really help (assuming the
brass builder got things right).

I also have a W-1 erecting drawing (not W-5) and an NPRHA  W-5 drawing (not an erecting drawing, however, just one
of those "sketchy" ones with some measurements on it).

Have ordered a CD of Hundman NP drawings that supposedly includes some W-5 ones.

I could use sources for photos and more drawings, and info on the Elesco.  So far, I have only found photos of
engines in that range (1844-1847) with that heater type, which is the only reason I am guessing that they were the only
four to have one.

Thank you, folks, for whatever tips you can provide.


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Re: Seeking pics/drawings of NP 2-8-2 W-5 with Elesco feedwater heaters
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All I could find were drawings of 1743 without heater.