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Lowell Smith has more items in the Norfolk Southern OCS line - AB pairs of the F7 motive power.
These will be Intermountain F7's like in the newly announced run.

Office Car Special Power!

They have a survey asking which apparently will be used to determine which drive types will be available.

Estimated prices per A/B pair (i.e. two sets needed for a full 4-unit set).
DCC w/sound$399.00

It will be interesting to see how they handle the ditch lights that NA added to the F7A units as seen just above the anti-climber strips. I also wonder if they will add the HEP muffler/exhaust on the two A units.  RMC has a very nice article on kitbashing these units (in HO scale) in their December 2010 issue.  I have 4 IM's from the last batch already earmarked for this set so I'm probably not going to partake, but it certainly is interesting.

These locomotives could be available in 2015, but maybe later depending on the level of interest Lowell Smith receives.

Also new is the observation car "West Virginia"  NS 21 -

It's close but the window arrangement isn't quite right.  Again a case of close but is it close enough?  Your choice.


Lowell Smith model:
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