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Re: Product vs. Parts
« Reply #45 on: August 06, 2014, 11:53:08 PM »
My take on the original post:

1. I don't think you (mfgs) HAVE to provide parts, period.
2. It is certainly nobody's (hobbyists) *right* to have spare parts available.  That is absurd.
3. I think it would be good business (mfgs) to have replacement parts available for warranty work.
4. I think it would be really good customer service (mfgs) to have a few extras beyond (3) for broken parts out of warranty. (either gratis or for a fee)
5. I think that if there was demand for certain parts (see Flexicoil trucks) and you (mfgs) were willing and able to do a very limited reservation list for some tacked onto a later run, that would also be both good customer service and probably good business as there would be dollar amounts associated to that decision.  That would certainly depend on the factory being willing to provide that for example MTL would have an edge there.
6. If you (mfgs) choose approach (1), and you have lots of problems and frustrated customers, you don't have the right to be surprised that sales suffer and your business struggles as a result.  It's a risk/reward and you chose to accept the risk...thus you have to accept the "reward".
7. As outsiders, we don't have the right to look at (1) and (6) as somehow unscrupulous or immoral.   It's a simple business decision.  We can choose not to purchase their products.  That's what we can do.
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Re: Product vs. Parts
« Reply #46 on: August 07, 2014, 07:51:36 AM »
I think Atlas has somewhat spoiled us because of the availability and low cost of their parts.  It certainly makes thinking about a kitbash of one of their locomotives a lot easier than most others.  Kato runs a distant second, yes they have parts but at the usual cost of $25 and up for a shell (unless you catch a sale) it's not always a no-brainer.  Bachmann also has a decent parts department, but their source of parts through warranty returns makes availability spotty.

I know keeping a parts warehouse is expensive.  If business allows it, that's great.  I do not, however, view it as a moral imperative - it's a perk.  I would hope that a manufacture could at least afford the level of service that Pud outlines though.  I would consider that the mark of a good company that cares about it's customers.  Down the line, it may or may not make a difference in a purchase.  Most likely depending on how badly the item was desired.
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Re: Product vs. Parts
« Reply #47 on: August 07, 2014, 12:07:07 PM »
Let's not forget Micro-Trains as a parts supplier. They have carded parts to be sold through hobby shops, such as roofwalks, wheels, stirrups, box car doors, reefer hatches, etc. Also, you can call them at 541-535-1755 and order just about anything you need.

I have to call MT and order some Barber short extension trucks w/o wheels or couplers to replace the Atlas 70 ton trucks that come on their 90 ton hoppers. I just cut off the Accumate couplers and add them to the MTL trucks then add wheels and they're good to go.

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