Author Topic: Prototype N Scale announces two InterMountain special runs  (Read 1216 times)

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Prototype N Scale announces two InterMountain special runs
« on: June 13, 2014, 08:43:11 PM »
An email from George Hollwedel of Prototype N Scale:

I just received (finally) the preproduction car for PNS0052. This is the long awaited Santa Fe '41 AAR 53'6" flatcar. Believe me, it is worth the wait. The car itself is wonderful and the Santa Fe rendition is superb. If you don't model Santa Fe you should get one (or more) anyway! If not Santa Fe, buy some other road(s) from Intermountain, you will not be disappointed. Cast metal for good weight (the deck and bolster tops appear to be plastic), body mounted couplers (look to be that new MT 1015 clone), metal wheels and a delicate vertical shaft brake staff and wheel. It ranks among the finest N freight cars out of the box that I have seen. (No prejudice here, I had nothing to do with the design, just paying the money to get these out). The are scheduled to be in Intermountain's July shipping container, I should have them in August, hopefully I time for the August Chantilly event.
As a reminder, these cars are $119.95 for the full set of six road numbers, $81.95 for four or $22.95 each.

PNS0059 is the second set of Santa Fe BX-48 boxcars, due in December. These will be in the "El Capitan" and "Super Chief" slogans to compliment PNS0049 which are the "Chief" and "Scout" versions. If you add the Intermountain 66016 "Grand Canyon" cars, all five slogans can be on your layout! The bad news is that these cars will have the new, higher prices due to the Chinese labor increases. List for all six, three road numbers each slogan, is $129.95, $91.95 for four and $24.95 each. For everyone who has bought the set (all 6) of the PNS0049, I will waive the shipping fee on the PNS0059 set. (I know who you are :-)

Shipping/Handling remains $7.00 per shipment, I accept checks, money orders, PayPal and credit cards.

Send email inquiries to:

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