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AZL May New Items Part 2
« on: May 13, 2014, 10:23:46 PM »
AZL May 2014 New Release – Part 2

NEW BODY STYLE! – 33,000 Gallon LPG Tank Cars!

AZL is following up their release of the LPG tank cars with a new road name! The second release is a SHPX car lettered for ‘Royster’. This large logo will stand out on a layout!

Two singles are being offered:

91343-1 Royster 33,000 Gallon LPG 18670 SHPX - MSRP $41.00
91343-2 Royster 33,000 Gallon LPG 18673 SHPX - MSRP $41.00

Canadian fans, we have a locomotive for you! The CN standard cabs are now available. The CN acquired these locomotive when the purchased the Illinois Central. Three of the IC locomotives were repainted for CN. AZL is offering these three locomotives in CN colors. These can be paired with the IC SD70s for a prototypical lash-up!


61018-1 CNR SD70 1008 Black/Red/White - MSRP $189.00
61018-2 CNR SD70 1012 Black/Red/White - MSRP $189.00
61018-3 CNR SD70 1039 Black/Red/White - MSRP $189.00

The EMD SD70Ms feature:

Directional controlled LED lighting
Traction tires
Prototype specific details
Brass handrails and side panels
Add on parts
Optional add-on plow (located under the plastic insert)
Dual flywheels
Maintenance free can motor
AZL AutoLatch couplers
Can be upgrades to DCC with Digritax's DZ123Z0 decoder (no wiring or soldering required)

See these and the complete AZL line at:

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