Author Topic: Kato Unitrack and NTRAK modules  (Read 757 times)

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Kato Unitrack and NTRAK modules
« on: March 10, 2014, 11:03:59 PM »
I'm planning a NTRAK, 4 foot module for a special project and would like to use Unitrack. The module will have the usual NTRAK red, yellow and blue lines straight through with no turnouts. The ends of each line will have the recommended 2.47" +/- set back before starting with a Unitrack conversion piece (20-045) so that the module can connect to non-Unitrack modules.

My question is: Has anyone ever worked out an exact combination of Unitrack to fit between the conversion pieces in the above description?

I would like to avoid using an expansion piece (20-050) or cutting a piece of Unitrack though I've read Mike Fifer's excellent, illustrated description of how to do that.



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Re: Kato Unitrack and NTRAK modules
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2014, 04:02:46 PM »
Check my conversions on google. I just did it in my head quickly

X-y=z 1219.2-125.28 1093mm
X=4' of length = 1219mm
Y=(2.47+\-) for both ends = 125.5mm

So just use snag lengths you want, stagger joints, so it all ends up within a few mm to use the atlas cut pieces

OR use a free program like Anyrail. Layout all the parts and you can see the list of what you need.