Author Topic: Zephyr Rocket Minneapolis to St. Louis overnight & vice versa  (Read 712 times)

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This discussion started on the "next heavyweight release thread."


I don't know much about the CB&Q cars you mention but on the Rock Island side I believe you will have a challenge putting that consist together.
My thought on a Zephyr Rocket "pool" while using some very old and some newer models would be the following:

Life Like E7A  for CBQ or Rock Island.  Possibly a solid maroon (repainted) Kato, Life Like, or Atlas E8A as  RI 645 for later years.

Kato  CBQ RPO Silver Mail  ConCor RPO RI 720 (6 window) or RI RPO 753 (modified ConCor 10 window)

Kato LW Baggage CBQ as is or "deskirted" for RI,
ConCor CBQ Argo type baggage
Old Rivarossi heavyweight baggage
Express  box cars or ex troop cars... silver or green 20000 series numbers on the RI

Atlas light weight coaches for previously mentioned RI Goldenrod, Waterloo, Mistletoe, or Hawthorne
Kato Coach for CBQ Silver Castle
ConCor Coach for CBQ

Kato 6-6-4 Pullmans for RI when Rocket Tower and Zephyr Tower were replaced.  Possibly the old 12-1 Rivarossi pullman.

Kato Diner CBQ Silver Spoon or Kato Budd Diner/Parlor/Obsevation Silver Fountain

This is just my 2 cents worth using what's out there and what is prototypical, plus at usually low prices.  These engines and cars are generally easy to find on that online auction site or at train shows.  If you can't find CB&Q or RI lettered already strip the paint, repaint, gloss coat, Microscale decals, gloss again to seal decals, weather if you desire, and you're done.  Sometimes Microtrain couplers or trucks will be needed but that is an easy swap.  My reference is Greg Stout's book Route of the Rockets.  I also own most but not all of the above. Not all have been painted yet.