Author Topic: Turnout # for 80' Passenger Cars  (Read 3372 times)

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Re: Turnout # for 80' Passenger Cars
« Reply #15 on: February 26, 2014, 05:30:20 AM »
The Atlas definitely has issues, but you can't really compare the two as neither are build accurately.  I was considering using the ME one's on the layout I'm thinking about for my sons, but that picture ends all that. 


Actually, the ME turnouts are the most accurate N-scale turnouts made from both a looks and clearance standpoint.  Tie spacing is pretty well spot on as well as tie sizes and lengths as well as spikeheads and other "track furniture".  Unfortunately, the NMRA standards that are used to make the tooling for the ME turnouts makes them look like HO scale narrow gauge turnouts because of the too long closure rails, the too big frog (much too long) and wing rails.  Also the big bends on the ends of the too long guard rails also make them look like something other than N-"scale"...because they are...they're N-gauge...not N-scale.  ALL (ALL) RTR turnouts made don't look "right" even though they may function okay.  It's both the NMRA's fault as well as the manufacturers thinking they've got to compensate for flanges and wheels that are not consistent in N-gauge, which used to be a much bigger problem 30 years ago than it is today.

Just for giggles and for a real look at what N-"scale" turnouts SHOULD look like, here's some drawings of real turnouts:

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Re: Turnout # for 80' Passenger Cars
« Reply #16 on: February 26, 2014, 12:32:39 PM »
Personally, I AM married to code 55...and code 40.  I'd be happier with code 45 and code 35, or even code 55 and 40 drawn to an N-scale profile rather than an HO scale profile.  All RTR turnouts look like junk compared to my hand-laid turnouts...including Kato Unitrack (yecchhh!!) and my turnouts run smoother than any N-scale RTR turnouts I've EVER run.

And, mine cost me about two bucks apiece and a couple of hours to build and install.  WHAT A BARGAIN!!  :D

All true.  And I find it infuriating that after all this time, ready-made turnouts cannot at least be smooth-operating and in gauge right out of the box, even if they are not cosmetically perfect.    Yikes, the old HO brass-rail switches I used in the 1970s
were built sturdier and trains ran smoother on them than what we are getting in N some 40 years later.


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Re: Turnout # for 80' Passenger Cars
« Reply #17 on: February 28, 2014, 02:14:02 AM »
Max: "The cars are a mix of Kato, Walthers, Rapido and Con-Cor.  Some have Fox Valley wheels, some have Atlas 36 metal, and some
have Kato.   Some are truck-mounted, and some are body mounted."

Sounds like my passenger trains!  I don't have the Rapido, but do have AMB core kits and Bachmann full domes, so just as big a variety of cars, and the added bonus of NWSL and Intermountain wheels to go with your list.
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