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A&W Root beer stand Sss
« on: October 29, 2013, 01:42:30 PM »
Thanks to Ed (3up3dn) for suggesting it, here is a set of plans for scratch building your own drive-in. I know the A&W restaurants have been done before, but the prototype for this one is local, was different from the normal A&W, and has a story behind it. One of the High school math teachers bought it from A&W and remodeled it. He must have been pretty smart, because he hired all of the cheerleaders as car-hops. Talk about a magnet for goo goo eyed teenage boys! They all drove their muscle cars (including me) to his place, and it was very popular in the summertime. Years passed by, as well as the teacher, and it is now a "Weenie Wagon". How Ed also did a great job of building it from the Sss.

The parking lot is much larger than shown here. I reduced it, but footprint is still 3 x 6 1/2. Parking lot roof is a little tricky, but is made easier with a template and jig. The building interior features a car-hop serving counter, and kitchen walls.

Choice of materials is up to you. It can be done in wood but sketches are based on styrene thicknesses. If you use another material adjust dimensions accordingly. Paint parts before assembly, except where the edges glue to other parts.

The building directions and materials are in the sketches, and to make your build easier you can enlarge them to full size and print them out.
Included sketches are: Overview sketches, Part templates, Assembly sketches, and pdf’s. Also included is an A&W logo.

Making your own part templates can be a real pain, as you will first have to scale an image, convert to N scale, then measure and draw your template. All that has been done for you here. Just print the part templates, then use rubber cement to glue paper templates to styrene. Make sure siding grooves are oriented correctly, and then just cut on lines. No measuring ! Paper comes off easily.

For printing templates use the PDF's. Select best print quality, set PDF zoom to 100% and page scaling to "none".

Cut out parts carefully using a SERB and straight edge. The best way to cut out window openings is with a corner punch. It is important to follow assembly sketches IN SEQUENCE or some parts may not fit.

PDF links: