Author Topic: Ztrack Exclusive FT Chessie Moonshine Sets!  (Read 1175 times)

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Ztrack Exclusive FT Chessie Moonshine Sets!
« on: August 25, 2013, 09:54:53 AM »

Ztrack Magazine is excited to announce a special run of Full Throttle C&O 'Moonshine' two-bay hoppers. This is a new version of these cars. Full Throttle released the first series which featured the C&O Progressive logo. The Ztrack series is pure Chessie, right down to the logo on the car!

Toward the end of the 20th century, most major railroads shifted from the once common 55-ton, 2-bay hoppers to the larger 70-ton and 100-ton haulers. After the 1973 merger of the C&O, B&O and WM, the Chessie System owned a myriad of the smaller cars.

Many were repainted in Chessie livery and served proudly, even until today. Others were relegated to their home rails and could not be interchanged to another railroad. Instead of spending time repainting them to a new livery, they kept their original paint and reporting numbers, but received a unique treatment!

Chessie marked them with bright yellow ends and a large XXX on each side to denote their restriction. Because of the visual triple X connotation, they became known as Chessie's Moonshine cars. They proved ever useful on the Chessie short lines, carrying oddball bulk freight and in MoW trains hauling sand and gravel.

Ztrack is offering two two-packs of these cars. The cars come with a sand and gravel load from Hay Bros. They ride on FT's Bettendorf trucks. This is a limited edition release with only 40 of each set being offered. The sets are ONLY available to Ztrack Magazine subscribers. If you are not a subscriber, we have included an option to order the sets and place a subscription at the same time. Sets can be ordered through the following sites:

Thank you to Uncle Will for bringing these cars to life!

Rob Kluz
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