Author Topic: Those who work in shops, any word from Intermountain on their coaches?  (Read 585 times)

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I see that their website says April.  Interestingly enough Walthers website showed a date of March 28th, since that came and went and now they list them as unknown.  What I find even more interesting is that the Observation cars were announced later than the coaches but they are listed as Feb/March in the intermountain website. 

So, do the companies really have no idea what is on the boat when they ship it out of China?  As I understand it is a 30 day lead time to ship a product across the ocean to the US.  I would think that the company would have some kind of idea what is being shipped and when.  Now I understand how somethings might not always make the container and their are delays in production. 

So my thought is take your pre-orders and then announce its availability when it hits the boat.  That gives you a 30 day notice and much more certainity as a consumer.

Does anyone know if Walthers website automatically updates their website to Unknown when the date passes?  I don't mess aroung with their site much so I don't know.

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