Author Topic: Questions on US NAVY silver boxcars .  (Read 447 times)

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Questions on US NAVY silver boxcars .
« on: February 26, 2013, 05:07:04 PM »
Does anyone know if the road numbers the NAVY uses means anything ? (like a code for something)

I am planning on repainting several boxcars silver using old CONCOR 40'ers and some of the
newer ATLAS 40' Steel sided (converted from wood side box cars) and some Micro-Trains
40' Double Sheathed Wood boxcars.

Does anyone have a list  of road numbers and car types ?

I want to make a train of bomb cars. Im thinking of the cars that were used at the Concord Navy Weapons station
and down at Seal Beach in California. Were these cars just kept on the base, or did they go into interchange?
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