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LED track reflection problem solution
« on: February 23, 2013, 04:28:32 PM »
This topic was discussed under another thread but because the subject  was also included in a topic about static grass, some may have not seen it.  The problem is when you purchase those reels of cheap LED's to be used on your layout and install them over your track, you can end up with a spotted pattern on your rails that isn't pleasant; this happened to a friend of mine.

So I went to a local LED retailer in the old Active Electronics store on 1st street in Vancouver by Boundary and talked to the guys there. At this store they sell a 5 foot tube for $5 that is designed to solve this very problem.  The tube is divided into two halves, one halve is metal and rounded and the second half is a diffused plastic.  You slide your LED's into this tube and the light becomes diffused and not "spot" intensive and your reflection problems are gone.

So of course I know not everyone can go to this particular store in Vancouver but you might have a similar retailer in your area or close to your area.

Thought I would edit in a link to said store above so you can see the "type" of store I am talking about:
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