Author Topic: Layouts Open: Santa Barbara-Ventura-Simi Valley Area (So. Calif.)  (Read 776 times)

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There will be three overlapping layout tours in the Santa Barbara-Ventura-Simi Valley area in the coming weeks.  Most of the layouts are HO scale. These layouts will be available through the:

Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society
2012 Annual Conference - Ventura
October 11-14th

Pacific Southwest Region/NMRA
Ventura Flyer PSR 2012 Convention
September 5th - 9th

Model Railroads Of Southern California
Layout Tour No. 35
September 9th (Member Access Only)

Below is a list of the layouts and which organizations will feature them.  Consult the appropriate website for more information about these layouts.

Bob Chaparro
Model Railroads Of Southern California
Jeff Abbott (N) PSR
Richard Conner (HO) PSR/MRRofSC
Jon Cure (HO) SP
Al Daumann (HO) SP/PSR/MRRofSC
Yves DeBievre (G) PSR
James Donlon (HO) PSR/MRRofSC
Tom Fratello (HO) PSR/MRRofSC
Joe Heumphreus (HO) PSR
Larry Lowenberg (G) PSR
Bruce Morden (HO) SP/PSR/MRRofSC
Michael Murphy (HO) SP
Don Newman (HO) PSR
Mike Osborn (HO) PSR
Gary Raymond (1/32) PSR/MRRofSC
Gary Siegel (HO & G) SP/PSR
Bruce Smale (S) PSR/MRRofSC
Art Sylvester (G) PSR
Dan Wexler (HO) PSR/MRRofSC
Gold Coast Club (HO) SP/PSR/MRRofSC
Santa Susana Club   (HO) SP/PSR/MRRofSC
South Coast RR Museum (HO & G) SP/PSR/MRRofSC