Author Topic: Need Poll Input: What Pullman car sides ought to be produced?  (Read 492 times)

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While it is hard to say how exactly such might be produced (etched brass, resin rendering, etc.) I am interested in setting up a poll to see what might be some of the car types that folks might be interested in.

One problem that will be encountered is whether or not available plans for such cars is readily available for use in developing these car sides and this will have to be a consideration.  In the past there has been polls that tried to determine what members' interests might be in regards to heavyweight Pullman car types... this poll will be intended to better determine what specific types ought to be produced.

I cannot guarantee that anything will be produced nor can I be specific as to how they might be produced but it is my hope that, if a consensus can be reached as to strong interest in specific types of cars that the information and plans can be submitted to manufacturers for their consideration.

Please email or PM me your suggestion for a heavyweight Pullman... this way it will not clog the forum with requests needlessly (I realize that sometimes it is not possible to do this but it is preferred).  Hopefully within the next week or so the poll will be able to be announced and folks will then be able to vote for their favorite Pullman Plan and configuration.

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