Author Topic: "Shoo-Fly" Free-moN Module (2'x6')  (Read 24291 times)

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Re: "Shoo-Fly" Free-moN Module (2'x6')
« Reply #150 on: November 30, 2012, 02:31:14 PM »
I think of the layout like a novel, in which every time you open the pages you're in the middle of the story.
(Which is why you always write about the novel in the present tense)

But as the figures are secured with only a dab of CA, repositioning into a new scene isn't that big of a deal  :D

On the importance of endplates:

I used to cart this Shoofly module around in a custom-built box:

You can see it under everything and how it takes up most of the back of my car.

The dimensions of the ply box are 28"W x 24"H x 37"D.

By attaching endplates, I can reduce the footprint to 19"W x 25"H x 37"D:

Why only 19"W?  By turning the modules on their sides!
So basically I free up over 10" of space, which is more than enough for a bunch of 45 deg modules or legs or anything else!

Plus, all the scenery is totally protected within the box, which is a BIG plus, considering that most module damage occurs during transport.
After putting endplates on Effett Yard and the 45's, I'll probably be able to pack everything in my car (with seats unbolted) and not have to worry about a speedbump destroying a coaling tower or oak tree.

It's all about the packaging!

Thanks for looking.

He's onto the Modutrak way!!!