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AZL February 2012 New Items
« on: January 29, 2012, 06:20:07 PM »
AZL has announced two new items for February. The first release is Burlington Northern bay window cabooses.

The caboose is green with yellow ends. Two road numbers are available. Caboose 92009-1 is road number 11998. Caboose 92009-2 is road number 12610. The MSRP is $64.00.

One of the most anticipated cars has been the KCS ACF 3-bay hopper. This attractive paint scheme is a stand out. A single car and runner pack has been released. The runner pack is item 90308-1. The road numbers are 286003, 286006, 286027 and 286036. The MSRP is $119.00.

The singe car is item 91308-1. The road number is 286079. The MSRP is $36.00

AZL has re-released the BNSF bi-level autoracks. Two runner packs and two singles have been released. The first set is item 90203-3. The road numbers are: 997279, 997234, 997135, 997104. The second set is item 90203-4. The road numbers are: 997519, 997486, 997453, 997308. The MSRP is $131.00.

The first single car is items 91203-2. The road number is 156048. The second single car is item 91203-3. The road number is 96744. The MSRP is $38.00.

Note both sets and singles of these cars are already sold out at the manufacturers. A new BNSF autorack version is planned for release later in 2012.

Contact your authorized AZL dealer to order.

Rob Kluz
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