Author Topic: N Scale - New LGThek Brasswork *soon to be released* Chassis and Shell Kits!  (Read 1574 times)

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The N-scale version of the very small, but extremely powerful two axle locomotive chassis by
L.G.Thek Brasswork to be released very soon. The original Z-scale (Nn3) chassis is an already proven very reliable workhorse for various locomotive projects. See dimensional drawings below.

The N-scale version is built from the same components, except wider frame and wheel gauge. It has an 8mm coreless motor rated 10V DC (or 12V with voltage dropping resistor), 28" scale weathered nickel silver wheels with small flanges, 6'-0" scale wheel base, 1:38 gear ratio, so it's a slow (approx. 35 scale miles max.) high torque, smooth runner, perfect candidate for real switching operations. The chassis made of phosphor bronze. Please note, the photos shown below are the Z-scale version.

To see the Z-scale version in action click here
In the near future we're planning the release of the same chassis concept with 33" scale wheels and various wheel bases. Also, there are etched brass and brass / laser cut wood combination industrial switcher and MOW shell kits in the planning stages. The L.G.Thek Brasswork products are available at Stonebridge Models.

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