Author Topic: Analog power electronics help needed!  (Read 653 times)

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Analog power electronics help needed!
« on: July 09, 2010, 10:45:31 AM »
Normally I don't like to cross post a bunch of stuff, but I've run into an interesting electronics problem and due to where I originally posted it I don't think I've reached the best audience.

Quick back story, I've made a "DCC in a Box" setup, documented on my blog ( and there has been some discussion on this site in this thread:,21209.0.html

I've found a problem where Digitrax Boosters and the electronically switched power strip I am using interact badly.  Documented in this blog post:

An in depth discussion of my proposed solution is taking place over on, for whatever reason, the thread just took hold there:

What we really need is another brain or two with knowledge of MOSFETs and analog power circuits to help verify the design of the solution.  If that is you, I would much appreciate if you could comment, on the blog, on the thread, or even here.  Again, apologies for cross posting, but I think many of the folks I need to reach don't read the DCC forums (they are, after all analog electronics experts [:D]).


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Re: Analog power electronics help needed!
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2010, 01:12:03 PM »
ok, i think i follow - the inrush current on the Digitrax brain unit is shutting down the switched outlet power panel.  why are you using a switched outlet panel?  just use a buss and be done with it - it seems you are creating more work.  if you are worried about over current that's what fuses are for...
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