Author Topic: Name Decals for Micro-Trains Heavyweights  (Read 750 times)

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Name Decals for Micro-Trains Heavyweights
« on: June 12, 2010, 08:13:15 PM »
I checked Microscale decals 60-1111 (palace), style is too too old.
60-1221 (gold) and 60-371 (dulux) have the same limited number of car names in both sets, and not one name is useful to me.
I also checked Microscale decals 60-1220 (lettering). It also has the same names as in the other sets.

Looks like it is time to get some custom decals made to get needed car names for all the nice new cars Micro-Trains is finally producing for us.
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Re: Name Decals for Micro-Trains Heavyweights
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2010, 05:41:42 PM »
I would love to find a simple list with proper road names that ran the car name!

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Re: Name Decals for Micro-Trains Heavyweights
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2010, 09:44:28 PM »
Plan 3585

Lake Ainslie
Lake Andrew
Lake Ann
Lake Apopka
Lake Ariana
Lake Arthur
Lake Auburn
Lake Augusta
Lake Bennett
Lake Benton
Lake Billiot
Lake Bluff
Lake Bonaparte
Lake Bryant
Lake Buffum
Lake Butler
Lake Caillou
Lake Calhoun
Lake Calumet
Lake Chabot
Lake Champlain
Lake Charles
Lake Charm
Lake Chelan
Lake Chicot
Lake Clark
Lake Clealum
Lake Conway
Lake Crystal
Lake Drummond
Lake Dunmore
Lake Eaton
Lake Edward
Lake Elmo
Lake Erie
Lake Eunice
Lake Eustis
Lake Felicity
Lake Ferguson
Lake Forest
Lake Fortuna
Lake Francis
Lake Fremont
Lake French
Lake Gardner
Lake Garfield
Lake Geneva
Lake George
Lake Girard
Lake Goodwin
Lake Griffin
Lake Hancock
Lake Harney
Lake Harriet
Lake Harris
Lake Helen
Lake Henderson
Lake Henry
Lake Hopatcong
Lake Huntley
Lake Huron
Lake Irvin
Lake Isabella
Lake Itasca
Lake James
Lake Jessup
Lake Joe
Lake Kegonsa
Lake Kerr
Lake Lapourde
Lake Latham
Lake Lawrence
Lake Lindsay
Lake Long
Lake Mahopac
Lake Maitland
Lake Majella
Lake Marion
Lake Mary
Lake Mason
Lake Maurepas
Lake Mendota
Lake Merritt
Lake Michigan
Lake Miltona
Lake Minnetonka
Lake Mitchell
Lake Monona
Lake Monroe
Lake Moreau
Lake Natchez
Lake Okeechobee
Lake Oliver
Lake Ontario
Lake Ordway
Lake Owen
Lake Parker
Lake Pearl
Lake Peigneu
Lake Pelican
Lake Placid
Lake Pleasant
Lake Pontchartrain
Lake Preston
Lake Sanford
Lake Sheridan
Lake Stearns
Lake Sunapee
Lake Superior
Lake Tahoe
Lake Terrell
Lake Tracy
Lake Traverse
Lake Vale
Lake Verret
Lake Victor
Lake View
Lake Vineyard
Lake Vista
Lake Weir
Lake Whitewood
Lake Williams
Lake Wilson
Lake Winnebago
Lake Woodruff
Lake Worth
Lake Zurich

Plan 3585A

Lake Albert
Lake Alexander
Lake Arrow
Lake Ashley
Lake Atwood
Lake Baron
Lake Bear
Lake Belanona
Lake Bernard
Lake Bluefield
Lake Borgne
Lake Bruin
Lake Cadillac
Lake Caroline
Lake Catherine
Lake Chaplin
Lake Childs
Lake Clay
Lake Colville
Lake Conboy
Lake Cone
Lake Conlin
Lake Constance
Lake Cowan
Lake Creek
Lake Dias
Lake Dickey
Lake Disston
Lake Dorr
Lake Duane
Lake Dumont
Lake Eleanor
Lake Emma
Lake Ernest
Lake Florence
Lake Franklin
Lake Frederick
Lake Gentry
Lake Giles
Lake Grandin
Lake Gregory
Lake Grove
Lake Guano
Lake Hamilton
Lake Hasset
Lake Hayden
Lake Hazen
Lake Hendricks
Lake Hiawatha
Lake Jackson
Lake Jessie
Lake Julian
Lake Kennedy
Lake Kezar
Lake Kluane
Lake Laberge
Lake Laura
Lake Livingston
Lake Louise
Lake Lowry
Lake Lucerne
Lake Manitoba
Lake Mansfield
Lake Melville
Lake Moore
Lake Nahwatel
Lake Nicaragua
Lake Nipigon
Lake Norris
Lake Onota
Lake Phalen
Lake Pickett
Lake Pierce
Lake Pigeon
Lake Poygan
Lake Quinalt
Lake Ramon
Lake Roland
Lake Ronkonkoma
Lake Russell
Lake Sarah
Lake Scott
Lake Sedgwick
Lake Selby
Lake Sibley
Lake Sutherland
Lake Sylvan
Lake Tapps
Lake Thisted
Lake Union
Lake Waccamaw
Lake Washington
Lake Waubesa
Lake Whatcom
Lake White
Lake Whitney
Lake Winder
Lake Winnipeg
Lake Winthrop
Lake Yukon
Loch Awe
Loch Doon
Loch Earn
Loch Fyne
Loch Katrine
Loch Levin
Loch Linnhe
Loch Lomond
Loch Maree
Loch Ness
Loch Tarbert
Loch Tay

Plan 3585B

Dean Lake
Dell Lake
Echo Lake
Fern Lake
Lava Lake
Lone Lake
Moose Lake
Spear Lake
Star Lake
Swan Lake

That is pulled from the Pullman Project name list. I didn't list renames.

You can go into the larger database and come up with road specific data such as this.

Pullman car names -

Plan 3585/A W/Pullman Green Paint and AC

B&O -

Lake Erie - 9/24/34 to 10/14/52 - Repainted Blue and Gray
Loch Awe - 5/9/34 to 6/13/40 - Rebuilt 3585H B&O Streamline paint
Lock Doon - 5/18/34 to 6/5/40 - Rebuilt 3585H B&O Streamline paint
Loch Earn - 5/16/34 to 6/7/40 - Rebuilt 3585H B&O Streamline paint, 2/28/49 Blue & Gray
Loch Fyne - 5/16/34 to 4/7/49 - B&O Blue
Loch Katrine - 5/12/34 to 10/25/49 - Repainted B&O Special Exterior, 4/9/51 B&O Blue
Loch Leven - 5/11/34 to 9/5/50 - Repainte Blue & Gray
Loch Lomond - 5/15/34 to 6/11/40 - Rebuilt 3585H B&O Streamline paint
Lake Ramon - 6/5/35 to 12/22/50 - Repainted Blue and Gray

The date span is when the car was in Pullman Green and A/C was installed. The notes afterward are what happened to the car after that time period.

All this data can be found if you look in It took about 15 minutes to compile it.

Tony Hines


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Re: Name Decals for Micro-Trains Heavyweights
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2010, 09:50:39 PM »
Thank you SkipGear for your effort, that is good.