Author Topic: Hallmark Brass E5 re-motor questions  (Read 711 times)

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Hallmark Brass E5 re-motor questions
« on: June 09, 2010, 10:11:03 AM »
Hey guys,

I just picked up an A-B set of Hallmark E5's on ebay.  I'm going to re-motor them with kato motors.  Has anyone tried something similar?  I picked up a bunch of parts off ebay as well such as motor saddles, motors, worm gears, etc.  Just wondering if there are any problems that anyone has run into.  I took the locos apart and they look pretty simple to gut.  (If anyone is wondering why I don't use the factory motors:  I put the locos on my DCC layout and smoke started coming out of them......I was going to add decoders anyways and this will give me an excuse to put nice kato motors and flywheels in them).  Thanks for any assistance.

Nate Pierce
Modutrak - Wisconsin Division