Author Topic: MT 905 Couplers on Model Power 4-4-0/2-6-0 Lockies  (Read 917 times)

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MT 905 Couplers on Model Power 4-4-0/2-6-0 Lockies
« on: March 02, 2010, 12:53:38 PM »
  I was going to post this several days ago, but got caught up in my Cab Forward tale of woe posting.I have several of the MP 4-4-0 and 2-6-0 small steamers. I brought my CP 2-6-0 to a train show in January and ran it on the Wasatch N Scale layout it easly pulled 12 cars and has nice detail.I had to use one of those old conversion cars rapido on one end MT on the other as I had not converted the tender. Uppon my return I decided it was time to convert two locos 4-4-0 CP and 2-6-0 CP to see what was required before I did the rest BM 2-6-0 SP 2-6-0 with vandy tender ,NP 4-4-0 and 2-6-0 locos and one undec 2-6-0. The tender coupler easly comes off, pry the cover off,the mounting pad is for a MT 1015.One must tap the hole that the pin on the cover fits in to accept either the too long MT screws with the 1015 or the nicer shorter screws in the 905 Nn3/Z couplers. Looking at my large stash of 905 couplers I wondered if this more to scale coupler would work. I put one in the cover and pressed it back on. As I suspected height was off and coupler was very loose easly swiveled side to side. The solution, just one plastic shim from the 1015 couplers placed over the peg on cover with the narrow end facing out (back of tender) then the 906 coupler. The cover snaps back on if you have a slightly loose fit a dab of Walthers Goo where the cover joins the tender. Height is quite close to that of a regular MT N coupler. I also found the coupler placed in first then the shim would work ,but with the height just a scosh off.The entire coupler in its box can pivot from side to side just slightly yet remains centered for coupling. They look great, did not uncouple when tested with a train. I plan to convert the rest of my locos soon.                                  Nate Goodman (Nato). Salt Lake,Utah.