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LitchfieldStation NewsLetter
« on: September 23, 2009, 05:49:44 PM »
We have items from several areas this time:

Digitrax announced the duplex version of its utility throttle, the UT4D. Deliveries are expected in November.

SoundTraxx announced Tsunami decoders that are LocoSpecific (our term) for the Kato HO diesels, including LocoSpecific LED lighting for ditch lights, etc. We expect delivery in about  a month - they are awaiting some parts that are unique to this board.

Blackstone Models announced tank cars for their HOn3 stable at the Narrow Gauge Convention last week.

NCE is very close to releasing its SB3a and DB3a boosters for the popular PowerCab series. These units will be about $30 more expensive than their predecessors, as they are designed to work with external auto-reverse and circuit breaker modules.


    * Charlie Getz told me that the effort spearheaded by the NMRA has been successful in overturning the Real Rail Effects sound decoder patent. The latest word is that the Patent Office admitted that they should NOT have issued the patent in the first place. This decision was appealed and upheld in court. What does this mean to you? Just that one more impediment to your being able to purchase the products that the vendors WANT to produce for you has been removed. Also, their legal expenses, defending their turf, will be reduced!