Author Topic: True Line Trains 50' Paper Box car  (Read 19365 times)

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Re: True Line Trains 50' Paper Box car
« Reply #135 on: June 15, 2009, 08:03:24 AM »
Car number 399:

Car number 375:

The cars should have had the bi-lingual herold. Yes; they would have been repaints (as they would have had the yellow door for paper service originally); and yes; sometimes the shop crews were sloppy and missed it but that wasn't the norm; nor was it the official CN policy. After 1961, it was bi-linugal.

Also, as perviously noted by someone, 5 of the 6 road numbers chosen are wrong for the model made, notice the sill on these - it's lower than the model made. Cars with road numbers below 410399 were a 1964 series, the 401400 and above came from a 1966 series that had the flat sill. So in reality only one car is correct.
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