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HO Industrial module
« on: September 30, 2008, 01:41:04 PM »
Good day,

Pardon for my lack of creativity with the title. In working with some scrap wood and foam, I have ended up with what I'm hoping will turn into a nice little module in HO scale, mainly to have a place I can put some of my HO stock instead of stacking them on the closet shelves, and the ability to power the tracks and do some light switching when the HO mood hits.

My locomotive roster as it sits today is:

2 - Athearn GP35's     Cotton Belt
1 - Athearn GP38       SP
1 - Athearn RS3        Cotton Belt
2 - Athearn F7A        Cotton Belt
1 - Bachmann 2-8-0   will end up as Cotton Belt

My space is 8ft long x 20" deep.

The image shows what I've conjoured up so far, but I thought I would throw this to the gallery and see if anyone has other ideas, thoughts, suggestions.

Thanks in advance.