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Modern Art Deco Bridge
« on: April 16, 2008, 02:50:09 PM »
A month or more ago, I ranted about this bridge being demolished and replaced with a girder bridge.  It turns out, my information was limited.
They are, in fact, saving the bridge in a way....  It is being rebuilt in a more efficient, wider, and modern form.

The bridge straddles US Highway 89 in Midvale, Utah.
Loathed for traffic, drainage, and decay problems; the old bridge really did need attention.  It was not uncommon for a few cars to be swallowed in the watery lagoon during a bad rainstorm.  Nor was it a surprise to get hit by falling chunks of concrete, while driving under it.  That was if you managed to get through the 7' wide lanes without bumping mirrors with the paranoid driver next to you.  (Until construction began, there were 2 lanes in each direction under that narrow sucker.)

Anyway, check it out.  Google's Street View shows some good detail.,-111.890001&sspn=0.007851,0.015342&layer=c&ie=UTF8&ll=40.611786,-111.890001&spn=0.007851,0.015342&t=h&z=16&cbll=40.607849,-111.890725&cbp=1,8.556499346024793,,0,-4.5006300700289294


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