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Spotting feature help please
« on: February 20, 2008, 05:36:47 PM »
For you more modern era guys out there, what are the main spotting differences between a GP15-1 and a GP15AC?

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Re: Spotting feature help please
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2008, 12:04:09 PM »

I can't give you a good answer but I wanted to reply and give this topic a bump because I have the same questions.

I know that the AC models are rare compared to the -1 models - only 30 built and all for the MP in 1982 vs. 200+ of the -1s in the late 1970s for CNW, MP, Conrail, and Frisco.

What I've noticed is that there seems to be variation within the -1 set whereas, like you, I'm not sure I can spot any external differences between ACs and the Conrail-style -1s.

What I mean with the -1 variation is that the CNW and Frisco ones have several louvers immediately behind the cab on both sides of the long hood as well as kind of a small blower duct, while the Conrail and MP -1s don't have these louvers and have a larger blower duct that looks like the typical GP38/40 style.  The AC version seem to have the louverless/larger duct long hood like the CR/MP -1s.

I know the ACs had an AC alternator like GP38Acs and like was standard on the -2 line, while the -1s have a DC generator, but that doesn't explain the different styles of -1s.

You are welcome for this no-help-at-all response   ;D