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Z scale corn
« on: August 10, 2007, 05:47:42 PM »
For those who are interested in making corn fields, minitec offers corn in Z, N, TT and HO scales. Each stainless steel fret has 112 N scale plants (11.97 Euros or ~$16.47) or 84 Z scale plants (8.19 Euros or ~$11.27). By comparison, Alkem's brass frets have 230 N scale plants for $29.95.

Alkem N scale, top; minitec N scale, left; minitec Z scale, right:

Close-up of minitec Z scale corn:

The corn comes with a nice-looking color instruction booklet, in German only:

Minitec also makes fine ballast and scenery-making products, roadbed materials, and a few other assorted items. The English version of their website is not yet finished, but they can handle inquiries and orders in English, and they accept PayPal.
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