Author Topic: Railfest Weekend Part 1: Getting there is half the fun...  (Read 851 times)

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Railfest Weekend Part 1: Getting there is half the fun...
« on: July 26, 2007, 01:25:27 AM »
Early in the morning of July 6th the CRHS regulars set out from Harrisburg with 3 vehicles containing several hundred pounds of CR propaganda and camping equipment, as well as 5 idiot railfans. This is the true story of myself and CRHS VP Bruce "Beehole" Kerr as we made our way along the former PRR Middle Division.

Heading west on 322, radio traffic seemed sparse. We picked off our first train of the day at Thompsontown:

Traffic seemed rather dry until we hit the west end of Lewistown, when a westbound mix popped up:

Beehole and I moved west and heard a pair of trains converging on Granville, and found a spot to shoot both without a moment to spare:

We then moved to the west side of town and let a 36A come to us:

We moved farther west to Horningford and were met by another pair of trains:

Heading west to Mattawana, the trend of catching pairs of trains continued:

West to Mapleton for yet another pair of trains:

We broke the trend of twos by stopping for an eastbound at Ardenheim:

Beehole and I tried to make a lunch stop in Huntington, but 10N interfered with that:

We then hunted down a spot that would have been primo for westbounds, but NS only served up 1, and I blew the focusing. I bought a 2x teleconverter, but it only works with manual focus on my big glass...

We began our final approach into Altoona, stopping for a pair at Tipton:

And we made it to Rose Yard for a pair:

18G had an Ohio Central Geep in Amtrak paint:

NS had some BBQed units on display at Juniata...nothing like putting your best foot forward on Railfest weekend: