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Litchfield Station Newsletter
« on: April 19, 2007, 05:20:49 PM »
Blackstone Models has gotten a few locos in from China. Less than a dozen have made their way to Litchfield Station. Blackstone is shipping to dealers in the sequence that we ordered them. As we receive locos, we ship to our customers, on a first-paid, first-shipped basis as usual.

The remainder will be shipping soon from China and will probably not make their way to customers until June.

If you were an early purchaser from Litchfield Station, you MAY have already seen an eMail that we were shipping to you. If you ordered since 1/1/07, I don't believe you will be receiving your loco with this bunch. We didn't receive all the different models we ordered for our customers, so the coverage is very sporadic. Bruce ordered a Post-Wreck #455 for himself in September and we haven't gotten that. Patience is rewarded in this venture!

We are searching our records to confirm this, but we MAY have gotten two locos that we have no customer demand for. We have one each #461 in Rio Grand Southern ( B310125) and D&RG ( B310124) decoration. If you are interested in either of these locos, eMail Once we determine these to be excess, they will be available to the first person to request them.