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Modern day passenger train using #3751 steam loco.....
« on: January 20, 2007, 03:40:02 AM »
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Re: Modern day passenger train using #3751 steam loco.....
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I'm kinda in the same boat, further down the stream.

I originally got a first-run Bachmann 4-8-4 and spent a ton of time working on it.  It still didn't look right, or run right (noisy) but I did get it to pull reliably and not stall, which was a big job.

Finally broke down and got a Hallmark #3751 in brass, which looked FANTASTIC, but wouldn't go around my 15" radius curves.  Got it on Ebay, paid just over $300.

Long story short, I put an Atlas flywheel in it and blinded the #2 and #3 drivers.  Runs good now.

I got my inspiration from the 2001 NRHS convention train that ran LA - Williams - Grand Canyon, then back down the Peavine and returned on the Arizona Central to Cadiz and then to LA.  MAN ALIVE was she cooking!  70mph on the main line, the two P42's were only there for HEP.

The videotape I have lists the consist, I think.... Anyway, if you look up the 2001 NRHS convention I think I've even seen the car roster listed.


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Re: Modern day passenger train using #3751 steam loco.....
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2007, 01:37:04 AM »
   Cars that were used on the trip to Chicago were from the Santa Fe's then current business car fleet. Closest thing to represent them would be Kato Super Chief cars,sleepers and diner. Santa Fe also had some coaches and a full leingth Big Dome Lounge car (Bachmann Model) and I cannot recall if coaches or the dome car were on that train . Kato's Business Car lettered for Santa Fe although a copy of a Burlington car makes a good stand-in. The train that was run to Williams , AZ for the National Railway Historical Society Convention, would be harder to model. I rode on that train which was quite colorful, the cars were owned by members of the American Association Of Private Car Owners and included a PRR. sleeper lounge car, a CZ Dome Coach,three heavyweight cars, sleeper lounge, solarium lounge, business car,former Santa Fe Pleasure Dome lounge car, former N&W coach, former Santa Fe budd coach, a former Rio Grande lunch counter diner,former CP baggage express car used by train crew "Pony Express" which has been used with the steamer before. I'am sure I left several cars out of the consist. I will have to dig out my slides,but the train you want to model is the all Santa Fe consist.                                   Nate Goodman (Nato0. Salt Lake, Utah .